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Number of married people in Ireland increases by almost 5%, figures reveal

Marriage rates in Ireland are on the increase, latest census figures indicate.

The number of married people increased by almost 5% to 1,792,151 between the 2011 and 2016 censuses, the Central Statistics Office (CSO) revealed.

The rate was higher than the overall population increase in Ireland over the same period - 3.8%.

Married people, including those who were remarried, made up 47.7% of the population in 2016.

Women were more likely to be married than single at the age of 33. For men, it was 35.

While the popularity of marriage was on the up, the number of separated and divorced people increased at more marked rate, up by almost 9% to 222,073 from April 2011. The peak age for separation and divorce was 53.

The information was contained in the CSO's 'Households and Families' report on the 2016 census.

Senior CSO statistician Deirdre Cullen said: "This profile report on Households and Families examines the family situations and living arrangements of the Irish population in April 2016.

"It provides a wealth of information and analysis on topics such as marital status, same sex civil partnerships and the different types and sizes of family composition and households."

The latest of 11 planned reports also showed almost 460,000 Irish adults live with their parents - an increase of 4.4%.

The majority (59%) were men. Fewer than half (215,088) were at work, while 66,516 were unemployed and 152,269 were students.

The report showed there were 1,218,370 families in the state on census night 2016, an increase of 3.3% since 2011.

The number of children per family remained unchanged since the 2011 census at 1.38 children.

Last year marked the first time the number of same sex civil partnerships were recorded.

There were 4,226, with 60% being male couples.

There were 196,227 widowed people in 2016 - up by 5,168 over the five year period.

In April 2016, almost 400,000 people indicated that they lived alone.

The next profile report - on homeless people in Ireland - will be published next month.


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