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Nurofen Plus checks in Ireland

Nurofen Plus tablet packs are being checked in Ireland for rogue products, the manufacturer said.

Five packs of the tablets on the UK market, including Northern Ireland, have been found to contain anti-psychotic medications. Sabotage is suspected and police are investigating.

There is no evidence that the Republic is affected, makers Reckitt Benckiser said. The Nurofen Plus on the UK market is a 32-pack size, which is not sold in Ireland.

A spokeswoman for Reckitt Benckiser said: "Reckitt Benckiser (Ireland) is checking all packs of Nurofen Plus tablets at wholesale level in Ireland to ensure that there are no rogue products in any pack.

"In addition, pharmacists have been requested to check all packs of Nurofen Plus tablets in their pharmacies prior to dispensing the product to patients.

"Patients are advised, as a precautionary measure, to check their packs of Nurofen Plus to make sure that they contain Nurofen Plus blister strips and a Nurofen Plus patient information leaflet.

"In the unlikely event that a patient finds a rogue blister strip or leaflet, he/she should take it immediately to their pharmacist."

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