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Olympic torch could light up Dublin

Talks are under way to try to ensure the Olympic torch visits Dublin in the run-up to the London 2012 Games, the coordinating committee's chief executive has said.

Paul Deighton said: "That is one of the things that we have been looking at. Certainly, if we can get everybody to agree that it is a good idea, it is certainly one of the things that we would do.

"It is something that we have discussed and if everybody would like to do it. We would certainly think it is a good idea too."

The event organising committee believes the 70-day nationwide torch relay, beginning in May 2012, will be key to building a buzz about the Games in the minds of the public.

Suggestions have been made that the torch be taken to Dublin from a symbolic crossing at Newry, marking the peace process.

Another suggestion is that the route includes Croke Park, visited by the Queen in her historic state visit to Ireland this year.

A decision on any Dublin stopover would however have to be made soon.

Mr Deighton said: "Just to get our plans together, it has to really be in the next few weeks."

The UK-wide 8,000-mile torch relay takes the Olympic flame to the start of the Games.

It will be carried by 8,000 torchbearers nominated for being inspirational or for helping their communities. London 2012 wants half of the torchbearers to be aged 12-24.


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