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Orange lobster joins blue and white rare breeds caught along west coast of Ireland: 'We're blown away'

By Kathy Armstrong

Locals are "blown away" after three incredibly rare colourful lobsters were caught off the west coast over the last four weeks.

It's against unbelievable odds that the trio were discovered and they are proving a hit at their new home in the Achill Experience in Co Mayo.

Terence Dever, CEO of The Achill Experience, told how the unusual exhibition came about.

He said: "All three were found over the last month, it started about four weeks ago when a local fisherman called Charlie O'Malley rang to say he'd caught a white lobster and did I want to see it.

"In his 26 years fishing he'd never seen anything like it and knew it was very rare so he asked would we like to keep it here.

"A few days later Cathal King caught an even more rare orange lobster off the coast of Cleggan in Galway.

"A few media outlets heard about the story and then about two weeks later fisherman from Sligo came to see the lobsters and they asked if they got something rare would we take it, I said of course and I couldn't believe it when the next day they called saying they'd caught a blue lobster."

Mr Dever stressed how rare the three are.

He said: "The chances of catching a white lobster is a about a million to one, this one is even more rare as it doesn't have the pink eyes associated with albino lobsters.

"The odds of finding a blue lobster are about one in two million and an orange lobster is the most rare, around 30 million to one."

They are being cared for at the centre alongside three native lobsters and Mr Dever said it's an amazing display.

He said: "To see the different tanks is spectacular, it's just unreal.

"We wouldn't sell them as their health and safety is our number one priority.

"They're also great for education and you should see kids when they come to see them, they're fascinated."

Although they won't put a price on the prized lobsters, he did say he hopes they will act as a tourism boost for the local area.

He said: "We just can't believe our luck, we're blown away.

"You wouldn't believe the amount of people coming to see them.

"We believe they'll attract a large number of visitors, not just to the Achill Experience but to the whole area."

For more information and for your chance to name the lobsters please Achill Experience Facebook page.

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A rarely-seen white lobster has gone on show at an aquarium on Achill Island. Experts say a genetic condition that causes the crustacean to have a white shell is extremely unusual and estimate their occurrence at less than one in a million. Aquarium staff now need a name for their new resident - Pinchy perhaps?

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