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Pedestrians warned of motorway risk

Pedestrians who walk on motorways are putting their lives at risk, road safety chiefs have warned.

They also said motorists who stop on the country's fastest roads are in danger of causing a fatal crash or pile-up.

Figures show more than 100 people have been killed or seriously injured on motorways since 2005.

Eight people died last year, including four who had been walking on a motorway, with six people killed in collisions so far this year.

Noel Brett, of the Road Safety Authority (RSA), said: "The message is clear: never, ever walk on a motorway.

"Pedestrians are at a massive risk on a motorway - you're taking your life in your hands and putting other road users in danger too.

"Likewise, drivers who stop on a motorway can cause collisions involving their own car and potentially many others. It's unsafe and it's an offence."

The RSA, gardai, National Roads Authority and AA Ireland have joined forces for a new campaign which centres on a 40-second television advert on motorway safety.

It focuses on lane merging, lane discipline, overtaking, what to do if your vehicle breaks down and tells the public never to walk on any of Ireland's 1,187km of motorway.

The AA also urged drivers to respect the hard shoulder.


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