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Pensioner knocked unconscious by mugger after going to post a letter

Gardai are studying CCTV footage after a woman was knocked unconscious during a vicious attack while out posting a letter.

Retired nurse Anna McDaid, who is in her late 60s, received several fractures, bruised ribs, a dislocated shoulder and a head injury after being mugged for her handbag during the day in Letterkenny, Co Donegal.

She was set upon as she walked from her home at Beechwood towards the town’s Main Street.

Just yards from the post office, she was set upon by a man wearing a grey hoodie-type top.

He demanded her handbag and then struck her several times during the terrifying ordeal which left her unconscious for a number of minutes.

Passers-by found Mrs McDaid in a confused state at McClure’s Terrace and she was brought to Letterkenny General Hospital where she has remained since the Tuesday afternoon attack.

Her husband Joe said the attack on his wife was “despicable.”

“We have lived in the town all our lives and we have never had anything even remotely like this happen to us before.

“What this person did to my wife was just despicable.

“How anybody can do this to another person I just do not know.”

Mrs McDaid has had to undergo a number of different surgical procedures, including having pins inserted into her left elbow after it was shattered during the attack.

She is also on constant medication and has to take oxygen because she now has difficulty breathing.

The Mayor of Letterkenny, Tadgh Culbert, said the attack was a worrying development and described the attacker as the “lowest of the low.”

“I just hope that this is an isolated incident.

“We have heard of other attacks in other towns but when it comes to your own doorstep it’s different.”

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