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Petrol station's fuel sale causes traffic chaos

A petrol station that was fined €14,000 (£11,675) for ‘under-measuring’ last year re-opened with an offer that brought drivers and traffic to a halt.

The 99 cent per litre deal at the Top Oil station on Usher's Quay, Dublin, went live for just two hours, recently created tailbacks along the city’s south quays as motorists queued in droves to fill up their tanks for less.

The promotion was brought to an end by Gardai who ordered forecourt retailer Hugh Farrington to suspend the deal to allow traffic flow to return to normal.

Mr Farrington pleaded guilty to 12 offences connected to the use of an unverified instrument and short measure on sale of motor fuel under the Metrology Act 1996 last year but promised to resume his 99 cent offer at a later date in agreement with police authorities.

The retailer also promised to donate all proceeds of the 99 cent petrol sale to a number of charities.

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