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Photo of UFC champion Conor McGregor holding 'gun' investigated by Irish police

Gardai have confirmed they are investigating a photo posted by UFC champion Conor McGregor to social media.

The photo appears to show the athlete posing with what is believed to be a replica submachine gun.

He is sitting in the front seat of his BMW i8 car - one of only a handful of its type in Ireland, with a price-tag of €150,000.

He posted it on his Instagram account at around 2am on Thursday with the caption ‘Put the fight game in the bag and step away from the vechicle’.

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Conor McGregor: I was rehearsing for film role when photographed with replica gun  

A garda spokesperson told “We are investigating the circumstances under which the photo was taken. Gardai from Crumlin are investigating.”

There are conflicting suggestions over whether the item is a replica Heckler and Koch MP5 submachine gun with a silencer attached.

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