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Plea for Easter Rising information

A special appeal has been made to unearth information about the 38 children killed in the 1916 Easter Rising.

Relatives of some of the forgotten children of the revolution, many of whom were caught in crossfire, met for the first time today as a new campaign was launched to uncover how the youngsters died.

Broadcaster Joe Duffy is leading the campaign, supported by the GPO, for anyone who may have a connection to any child who died to try and uncover the stories over Christmas and the New Year.

Among them was Don Sainsbury, grand-nephew of George Percy Sainsbury, aged nine when he was shot and killed near his home on the South Circular Road, Dublin on Thursday April 27 1916.

"We fully support this project. The research carried out by Joe Duffy has drawn attention to the untimely deaths of some 38 children during the 1916 Rising; previously there had been little or no awareness of this toll," he said.

Among those who attended the campaign launch were Francis and Patrick Caffrey and Pauline Braymer Caffrey, nephews and niece of Christina Caffrey who died aged two after she was shot while in her mother Sarah's arms outside their tenement home in Corporation Buildings. Her mother was injured and had to give up her work but was never compensated.

Others who died young were Patrick Fetherston, from Long Lane, Dorset St, who was shot aged 12 as he scavenged in the aftermath of the rising, eight-year-old Walter Scott, from Irvine Crescent in East Wall, shot along with his mother Anna as they went to the shops, it is believed, by a stray bullet from the Gunship Helga.

Richard Veale and Patricia Elliott are relatives of Margaret "Maggie" Veale. She was 13 when she was hit by rounds from a Gatling gun as she peeped out her bedroom window on 103 Haddington Road. Ten bullets were counted.

Mr Duffy today appealed for the help of the public in finding out more about the forgotten "Children of the Revolution".

A painting by Mr Duffy of children "scavenging" in the ruins off Sackville Street will be on display in the GPO until the middle of January as part of the awareness campaign.

Free postcards will also be available listing the names and known addresses of the children who died in the Rising.

"We know that there is a lot of information and great stories out there, and in memory of these forgotten children, we want to formally gather these details so that the facts can be properly documented," Mr Duffy said.


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