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Poll: Do you think Brexit makes a united Ireland more likely?

A woman enjoys the St Patrick’s Day celebrations in Newry
A woman enjoys the St Patrick’s Day celebrations in Newry

Irish voters are split down the middle on whether Brexit makes a united Ireland more likely, a new poll has found.

Responding to questions from polling company Red C, 44% of voters in the Republic agreed the Brexit vote makes a united Ireland more likely, 44% disagreed, with 12% saying they didn't know.

Questioned about whether Ireland should remain in the EU, an overwhelming majority (92%) supported the idea.

The poll was commissioned by European Movement Ireland (EM Ireland), a non-profit organisation aimed at improving links between the Republic and Europe.

Commenting on the findings Noelle O'Connell, executive director of EM Ireland said: "Contrary to recent claims, at 92% support for Ireland's membership of the EU remains strong; in fact it is at an all-time high since we first undertook this poll in 2013."

It comes followings murmurs of the Republic potentially following Britain out of the EU.

In February, Brexit supporter and former UKIP leader Nigel Farage made a keynote address in Dublin to a group campaigning for a break from the union.

The report also found 59% agreed Ireland should be part of increased EU defence and security cooperation.

The issue of the Irish border has been at the centre of the discussion around the United Kingdom leaving the European Union, with a focus on what will happen to the border on the island of Ireland after Britain leaves the EU.

In a recent visit to border areas in both Northern Ireland and the Republic, the EU's chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier said "flexible and imaginative solutions" would be needed to avoid a hard border, while the EU remained committed to keeping a backstop option with the European Union.

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