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Prayers for victims of Cork air disaster

By Adrian Rutherford

Prayers will be said for the victims of the Cork air crash as the families of two of the dead gather tomorrow to mark the month anniversary of the disaster.

Month’s mind Masses will be held to remember Pat Cullinan and Brendan McAleese, who were among six people killed when a plane travelling from Belfast crashed on landing at Cork |Airport.

Six others survived, including two who managed to walk away virtually unscathed from the wreckage.

All of the survivors have since been released from hospital and are back home with their families.

Meanwhile relatives of two victims will remember their loved- ones at special Masses tomorrow night.

Mr Cullinan’s month’s mind will take place at St Patrick's Church in Cranagh, near his native Plumbridge.

The family of Mr McAleese will return to St MacNissi's in Tannaghmore, Co Antrim.

Two other people with connections to Northern Ireland were also among the dead. Michael Evans worked as the deputy Harbour Commissioner in Belfast, while Richard Noble, who was originally from England, had been living here for several years.

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