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Prince Charles wrote letter wishing me speedy recovery, says Mary Lou McDonald


Mary Lou with Prince Charles

Mary Lou with Prince Charles

Mary Lou with Prince Charles

Mary Lou McDonald has revealed how Prince Charles wrote a letter to wish her a speedy recovery from a "horrible" bout of Covid-19.

In an interview with the Sunday Independent, she added that First Minister and DUP leader Arlene Foster had been in touch but there was nothing from Leo Varadkar.

"Prince Charles wrote to me in the aftermath to wish me well, which I thought was nice. He was sorry that I had been sick and that he wished me well and that he had been through a hard experience himself - just nice. So, if you want a measure of how much things have changed, there's one, I suppose, small example."

Having returned to full health, Ms McDonald said she had every intention of remaining party leader for the long term.

"Certainly I have my eye on the next decade as a huge decade of opportunity," she said.

As of February, she noted that Sinn Fein has been able to add another 5,000 members.

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"There's a real sense and appetite for change in the air. I see Sinn Fein at the vanguard of that, driving that change. We talked about the peace process, a time when Sinn Fein were very much to the fore in driving that agenda of change."

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