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Prisoners hold man hostage with makeshift knife in Dublin jail

By Conor Feehan

Two brothers in Mountjoy jail tied another prisoner to a chair and held a makeshift knife to his throat in an effort to get a transfer to another prison.

The apparent hostage situation led to a tense stand-off yesterday, but a team of prison officers who happened to be at a riot control training session were on hand to help defuse the situation.

Brothers Stephen (24) and Martin (27) Kelly held another prisoner, James Maughan, hostage while making their demands.

And during the stand-off they held a makeshift knife known as a shiv to his throat in the apparent hostage scenario, shouting their demands to prison officers.

A shiv is a makeshift knife, often a razor blade which is heated and melted into the handle of a plastic toothbrush, which is then used as a weapon.

Stephen Kelly, from Castlecomer in Co Kilkenny, is serving a sentence for producing a weapon during a dispute. His brother Martin, of the same address, is doing time for burglary. Maughan, from Wicklow, is also serving a sentence for burglary.

They were in the separation unit when the incident was sparked at around 3pm.

“These guys were unfortunate in that they apparently took a hostage while the Control and Restraint (C&R) team were training in the prison,” one source told the Herald.

“The hostage negotiators with the C&R crews came down to the E landing and began talking with the brothers, meanwhile the C&R guys were on standby and when the negotiations were over they entered the cell and took them out,” they added.

The Prison Service confirmed the incident had taken place and “was subsequently resolved without injury”.

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