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Promoter slams inquest 'witch hunt'

Boxing promoter Frank Maloney, who has been criticised during an inquest into the death of one of his fighters, has described the proceedings as a "witch hunt".

Mr Maloney has been present for the last few days at the inquest of Darren Sutherland, 27, who was found hanged at his flat in Bromley, south east London, on September 14 2009.

The Irishman was said to have been scared of his manager, and worried that he would "destroy" his life if he quit boxing and his contract.

Michael Topolski QC told Coroner Dr Roy Palmer that Mr Maloney had described the inquest in Croydon, south London, as a "witch hunt" where "lies" had been told.

The boxing promoter said on Twitter on Tuesday: "What a witch hunt going on instead of trying to find the real reason he died. My head is rocking after listing (sic) to the lies today."

He also posted that he had no need to "hang my head in shame".

Mr Maloney, who took Sutherland on after he won a bronze medal at the Beijing Olympics in 2008, also posted that others closer to him needed to assess their role in his death.

The coroner said: "No one is on trial in a coroner's court. Lots of evidence has been given, some apparently critical of Mr Maloney.

"He will have every opportunity to give evidence and can counter what has been said."

Mr Maloney is due to give evidence on Thursday.


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