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Public: Recovery will take 12 years

The public believe it will take 12 years for Ireland to work its way out of the economic crisis, a poll has revealed.

The survey showed almost half the population, or 46%, believe it will take between 6-10 years for the economy to recover.

It also disclosed that 23% predict it will get back on its feet in five years or fewer and a further 22% believe it will take between 11-20 years. Six per cent of those polled believe it will take upwards of 21 years for the recovery to begin.

Details of the Red C poll for the Irish News of the World will be carried in the paper on Sunday.

The figure of 12 years was calculated as the average response from all of those polled.

The survey of 1,000 adults was carried out by Red C on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of this week, more than a week after the Government applied for the IMF/EU bailout.

It also asked the public who they believed now had the most power over Ireland's destiny.

It found that 41% believe the European Union now has the most power when it comes to running the country. The International Monetary Fund was in second place with 36%.

The Irish Government was in third with 13% saying they were in charge of Ireland's future, while only 8% believe Irish citizens have the most control. When asked who had the least control, 59% said it was the Irish public.

Thirty per cent said the Irish Government has the least control while 5% pointed to the IMF. Four per cent of those polled said they believed the EU had the least control.


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