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Quinn row over attacks on business

One-time billionaire Sean Quinn has clashed bitterly with the head of his former business empire as he condemned attacks on staff and property linked to the Quinn Group.

Amid claims by chief executive Paul O`Brien that someone could be killed if the violence persists, Mr Quinn said the new boss had implied he was interfering in his old business.

Mr O'Brien also accused Mr Quinn of refusing to renounce the violence despite a letter from the board and a subsequent appeal.

Mr Quinn reacted angrily, warning that he has told police in Northern Ireland anyone trying to sabotage Quinn Group property or intimidate staff was not acting in his name.

"I wish to state in the most categoric terms that I have no knowledge whatsoever of any unlawful acts in relation to individuals or property associated with the Quinn Group other than what I have read in the media," Mr Quinn said.

"When I was contacted by the chairman of the Quinn Group in May to condemn reported acts of sabotage and intimidation, I replied that this was a clear inference that I was interfering in the business.

"In my response I also stated that I found such an inference 'deeply offensive'."

Mr Quinn, who was stripped of his empire last April, said he spoke with Chief Inspector Sue Steen of the Police Service of Northern Ireland about attacks several weeks ago.

"I stated, in clear and unequivocal terms, that persons carrying out such acts were not acting in my name and requested them to cease," he said.

Mr Quinn said his condemnation has been widely reported and was repeated on Tuesday hours after Mr O'Brien's home was targeted in an arson attack, the latest in a string of intimidating actions.


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