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Race goes on after biker's death

A motorcyclist has been killed in a high-speed road race - but his father insisted the event should continue, telling organisers: "You run your race."

Noel Murphy, 36, from Lusk, near Dublin, died in a crash in Cooley Hill Road during the Tandragee 100 in County Armagh.

No other riders were involved in the incident, and Mr Murphy's father, also called Noel, requested that the race should go on.

Clerk of the course RJ Woolsey said: "The North Armagh Motorcycle and Car Club deeply regret to announce at today's race at the Tandragee 100 a rider in the junior support race crashed and sustained fatal injuries.

"The officials and club extend their sympathy to Noel Murphy's family and partner.

"The club would have been happy to cancel the remainder of the event, but Noel's father insisted to me that we continue racing and simply said 'I'm going to races 40 years, you run your race'."

At the same event in May 2008, top Irish motorcyclist Martin Finnegan, who was also from Lusk, was killed in a 100mph crash .

The 29-year-old father of one, from Rhencullen, Main Street, Lusk, died when a loose bolt caused his front brake to fail as he approached a sharp bend known as Marlacoo Corner, sending him careering into the bank during the second lap of the Supersport 600 race.

Mr Finnegan was nicknamed the Flying Finn and was a former Manx Grand Prix winner who had been racing since 1997. He held the record for the fastest speed at the Isle of Man TT.

On the Tandragee 100 website, it says the race is "reknowned as Ireland's best national road race".

The circuit is located between Tandragee, Markethill and Armagh.

It attracts approximately 120 competitors (or 200 entries) from around the globe and spectators at the event number in excess of 10,000-15,000, according to the website.


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