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Rapist Larry Murphy plans to leave Ireland to evade media glare

The suspected serial killer Larry Murphy is planning his imminent escape from the constant hounding since his release from prison last Thursday, gardai believe.

In his three days of freedom, the convicted rapist has sparked huge public anxiety including protests outside a hotel and a hostel for homeless men, where he was wrongly rumoured to have been staying.

Garda sources said he has complained twice about media harassment, first in Coolock and later at Kevin Street garda station on Friday evening after he fled a waiting media scrum at Heuston Station after returning from a trip to Cork.

Murphy, 45, travelled to Cork by train on Friday morning, having spent his first night of freedom in Dublin. It is believed that he was visiting a former inmate at Arbour Hill who had reportedly visited him during his final days in prison. He was recognised soon after he arrived and returned to Dublin three hours later.

The National Surveillance Unit has placed a full-time team to work monitoring Murphy since his release. At least seven plain clothes detectives accompanied him to Heuston Station while at least four travelled with him on the train.

Sources said he is now planning to leave the country, funding his exile with a small prison allowance during 10 years in jail. He was also entitled to some of the proceeds of the Baltinglass house that was later sold by his wife.

His wife, Margaret, has cut off all contact with him since his conviction for the rape and attempted abduction in 2000. He also has a full driving licence and a passport.

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