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Raunchy nuns Diet Coke Jesus parody banned by RTE

The Republic of Ireland's national broadcaster RTE has banned a comedy sketch featuring a crucified Jesus - leading to claims that it has engaged in “dictatorial” censorship.

The Wild Nuns sketch is a parody of the Diet Coke ad and features three nuns staring at a semi-naked muscle-bound Jesus on the cross..

It was created by comedian David McSavage, who has accused RTÉ of engaging in “dictatorial” censorship by refusing to broadcast it.

McSavage has released an email, which he said came from the broadcaster,  stating the sketch might suggest RTE had “no respect for the sacredness that Christian viewers attribute to this iconography”.

The email went on to warn that broadcasting the sketch could “very quickly generate the potential for justifiable offence from viewers of the Christian faith”.

The Wild Nuns sketch was due to be part of the fourth episode of the new series of Savage Eye.

McSavage,  who has released it online, said RTE was focused on a part of Ireland that would be “offended that probably doesn’t exist anymore”.

An RTE spokesperson said the sketch "sexualised image of Jesus on the cross" and was “unbroadcastable” .

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