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Real IRA getting new weapons in Eastern Europe

The Real IRA is funding terror using their crime proceeds while smuggling their deadly weapons in from Eastern Europe.

Dissident republicans are using the same Eastern European gang links they use to smuggle cigarettes and traffick women into Ireland to source the weapons for their terrorist campaign.

The Real IRA has grown into the largest extortionist gang in Ireland and is also trafficking women into Ireland to work in the sex trade to boost profits. A dissident cell in Dundalk runs one of the biggest cigarette smuggling businesses in Europe with Eastern European allies. This group has long established links with eastern European mafia dating back to the early 1980s when they were still in the Provisional IRA.

Intelligence sources have suggested that the weapons and ammunition found in the two seizures in the past five days came from Eastern Europe.

A cell of the Real IRA based in north Dublin, run by two crime brothers, has launched a series of attacks on Dublin drug dealers and is believed to be behind the murder of low-level drug dealer Sean Winters.

The gang is being run by two criminal brothers and has been linked to murders, attempted assassinations and a €400,000 extortion racket. The Real IRA mob's main aim is to control pub security in the capital and beyond and extort money from Dublin's leading drug dealers.

The gang is believed to be behind assassination attempts on an associate of slain gangboss Eamonn Dunne and his mentor Eamonn Kelly who only survived after the gunman's weapon jammed.

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The men were ordered to pay out €50,000 or be killed.

The cell is believed to have extorted over €400,000 from criminal elements in North Dublin so far this year and most of this has gone into fuelling the terror campaign and purchasing weapons.

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