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Rebel Week organisers issue apology

Organisers of a flagship festival in Cork have apologised for referring to Michael Collins as a langer.

The colloquial term of abuse was attributed to the revered rebel leader in brochures printed up for Cork Rebel Week.

Around 100,000 copies are to be pulped after the gaffe provoked fury among city councillors.

In the promotional booklets, a "rebel passport" depicting Collins lists the military leader's nationality as Corkonian and his gender as "langer" - a Leeside slang word for penis.

Representatives on Cork City Council were given a preview of the booklets last night immediately ahead of their planned distribution to homes and businesses across the county.

But the term sparked outrage and councillors demanded the brochures be pulled and new ones printed up in their place.

Padraic O'Kane of Dublin-based promoters, which is organising the week-long festival as a highlight of The Gathering celebrations, insisted no disrespect was intended.

"On behalf of Cork Rebel Week, we take responsibility for the error on the printed literature detailing the schedule of events for Cork Rebel Week which was shared at a briefing session with Cork City Council last night," he said.

"We want to take this opportunity to apologise unreservedly for any disrespect caused to the memory of General Michael Collins and his family due to this error.

"Absolutely none was intended."

Cork Rebel Week was planned to celebrate Cork's heritage and identity.

A commemoration of Collins on his birthday of October 16 - dubbed Cork Independence Day - is part of the event.

More than 10,000 "rebel passports" were created to offer discounts and offers at local businesses throughout the week.


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