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Red-faced driver rescued after night stuck on ferry's walkway

By Ed Carty

A motorist had to crawl out of the boot of his hatchback after spending the night wedged between walls on a narrow path 200 feet above the sea.

The unnamed man drove his car down the twisty, steep and narrow walkway used by ferry passengers making their way from Dunquin to the Blasket Islands off Co Kerry in Ireland.

It is believed he spent the night in the car after getting stuck at about 9pm on Tuesday.

He was not freed until some of the staff from Blasket Islands Ferry took the keys from him, opened the boot and helped him to crawl out at about 8.30am the following morning.

Sibeal Ni Lubhaing, of the ferry company, said her colleagues discovered him when they went to the pier.

"He had great dreams of camping out beside the pier. But it all went horribly wrong - he's world famous now at this stage," she said. "I think it was quite innocent. He just chanced his luck. He was terribly embarrassed about the whole thing."

Known by some locals as Sheep's Walk, the precipitous path to the Dunquin pier is a notorious accident spot. Drivers routinely get stuck after edging downhill, only to find the pedestrian route - with sheer drops on either side - is too narrow and then burning out their clutch trying to reverse back up.

A Bobcat loader was brought in to tow the car up the path and several sailings of the ferry to the islands had to be cancelled leaving hundreds of tourists and visitors high and dry.

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