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Religious orders shirk abuse inquiry payments and costs

By Ed Carty

A total of €320.8 million (£279 million) in cash, assets and property has been offered by the 18 religious orders identified in the Ryan report.

So far, just €209 million (£182 million) has been received to cover the cost of investigating the abuse of children and compensating the survivors.

The Irish Comptroller and Auditor General's (C&AG) report revealed the names of the orders who have yet to meet the commitments they gave in talks with successive governments.

The Christian Brothers offered €34 million (£29.6 million) after the Ryan report was published but the order had only paid €10 million (£8.7 million) by the end of 2015. The Sisters of Mercy agreed to payments totalling €127.5 million (£111 million) but have only met €24.9 million (£21.6 million) of that.

The Oblates is €700,000 (£609,000) short of its €20.7 million (£18 million) offer while the Daughters of Charity transferred €4 million (£3.5 million) of the €10 million (£8.7 million) it pledged.

The Sisters of Charity has handed over just €2 million (£1.7 million) of the €5 million (£4.3 million) offered.

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