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Remote Irish island offers sanctuary to Americans fleeing Donald Trump

A remote Irish island has urged American citizens to relocate and join them if Donald Trump becomes president.

Inishturk, just off the coast of County Mayo, has a population of just under 60 people and islanders are desperately trying to encourage new residents to move to the 5km long island.

With Donald Trump surging ahead in the race for the Republican presidential nomination in the United States, many American’s have already researched moving away if the billionaire is elected.

Mary Heanue, Inishturk development officer, told Irish Central that the island could be an ideal place to escape to.

She said: "Our big concern is employment and trying to encourage families to move over here because the population is declining.

"The island featured on an Irish TV documentary last year which gave us great publicity and a good few extra bookings. But we ended up having a terrible summer and a lot of people canceled.

"I've heard there are quite a few people in America looking to move to Ireland and other countries if Donald Trump becomes president. I'd like them to know that we'd love to see them consider moving over here.

"They'd be given a huge welcome and they'd find this is a fantastic place to live and to bring up children. Their kids would probably get the best education anywhere in the country too, because the teacher to pupil ratio is nearly one-on-one.

"Although winters can be hard and it's the kind of life that wouldn't necessarily suit everyone, they'd find it very peaceful here and they'd soon find out there's nowhere as nice in the world on a summer's day than here."

After Trump’s gains on Super Tuesday earlier this month, there was a massive surge in Google searches for “How to move to Canada”.

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