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Remote-control helicopter drone used to smuggle drugs into Irish prison

Daring plan foiled after drone lands in prison yard

A sophisticated plan to land drugs into Wheatfield Prison using a state-of-the-art remote control helicopter has been foiled after it crash landed in the yard.

But before prison officers could retrieve it one inmate managed to pull the drugs off the device and swallow them.

The incident happened at around 11am yesterday morning when the device, called a quad-copter because it has four rotors, was being landed in the yard.

It knocked against a wire in place over the yard to prevent real helicopters from landing and crashed to the ground.

A group of prisoners appear to have been waiting for it and ran towards it when it crash landed.

Attempts by the operators outside the jail to make the quad-copter take off again failed because it was so badly damaged.

The prisoner who swallowed the drugs has been placed in a solitary cell until the drugs pass through his system, and the remains of the quad-copter has been handed to gardai who are investigating the matter.

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