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Remove Dublin royal statue for more parking, says TD

The Prince Albert statue at Leinster House
The Prince Albert statue at Leinster House

By Ken Foxe

A Sinn Fein TD has called for the removal of a royal statue from the grounds of Leinster House - but not for the reason that might be expected.

One of the party's longest-serving TDs has tried to have the statue of Prince Albert taken to a museum because of difficulties for politicians in getting parking space.

Caoimhghin O Caolain wrote to the Dail's Speaker complaining of how hard it was to find a space for his car when in a hurry.

He said politicians with a designated space on the Merrion Square side of the parliament campus faced particular difficulties if they arrived in the afternoon or had an "off-site" appointment during the day.

Mr O Caolain suggested that a statue of Prince Albert - the consort to Queen Victoria - should make way and be moved to a museum.

He wrote: "Its presence has absolutely no relevance in the grounds of our parliament dating as it does from a time before the establishment of both the Dail and Seanad."

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