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Republic of Ireland still among 'most prosperous' despite woes

The Republic of Ireland ranks near the top of the world's most 'prosperous' countries despite the country's current economic woes.

For the second consecutive year, Ireland ranked 11th out of 110 countries in the Legatum Institute's prosperity index.

The London-based think-tank analyses factors such as the economy, education, safety, personal freedom, governance, health, entrepreneurship and social capital to rank overall level of prosperity.

While Norway, Denmark and Finland top the list, Ireland is not far behind fellow English-speaking countries, with Canada in at seventh place, followed by the United States at 10th spot.

But when it comes to Irish economy, Irish citizens are not very happy, with a ranking of 22, one spot below Malaysia.

According to the report: "The Irish are worried about the country's mixed economic indicators despite their satisfaction with their standard of living."

Irish people "the most pessimistic about local job opportunities of any nation and their expectations for the economy are also among the bottom 10".

The government -- before it went into freefall -- was ranked somewhat better at number 14: a notch above Germany.

But according to the survey: "Ireland's effective governance does little to inspire confidence in state institutions."

Ironically, it also states: "Ireland's democratic regime, apart from showing significant stability, features an effective bureaucracy which is efficient in implementing policies. Its regime is the ninth most stable in the index."

It is, however, a pretty safe and free country -- ranking 4th for safety and security and 7th for personal freedom.

But according to the survey, the Irish are a suspicious lot, with only 30pc trusting one another.

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