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Republic’s new roads face decade-long hold-ups

Over 120 road projects in the Republic could be postponed for up to a decade under a review of its roads programme.

The National Roads Authority (NRA) has been told to re-prioritise 123 projects, ranging from motorways to town bypasses, as part of a value-for-money exercise ordered by the Irish transport minister, Noel Dempsey.

Funding for projects is likely to be cut to about €800m (£654m) a year from 2011 — half the amount that was allocated for 2008, it has been learned.

Dozens of major schemes could be delayed for up to a decade. Mr Dempsey said projects would continue to go through the design and planning process, but that projects which could be delivered quickly would be given priority.

“It depends on what money we have and what money we can raise through PPPs (public private partnerships) before I can say exactly what's going ahead,” he added.

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