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Restaurant sector creates 500 jobs

Almost 500 jobs have been created in the restaurant sector over the last two months, it has been claimed.

A survey revealed 270 people found work in individual restaurants since new pay rates were introduced, with another 150 jobs filled in McDonalds and 70 in Eddie Rockets.

The Restaurants Association of Ireland said the employment regulation orders had been creating a barrier to employment.

Adrian Cummins, chief executive, said: "The major factor in the last two months for job creation is the abolishing of the Joint Labour Committees (JLC) Employment Regulation Order (ERO). Any attempts to re-establish these anti-business, anti-employer and anti-job creation mechanisms will grind the recovery to the hospitality sector."

Of 148 restaurants surveyed nationwide, six out of 10 said abolishing EROs was a factor in hiring new staff.

Wages and local authority costs were the main issues, with 92.5% stating Government proposals to re-establish the JLCs in the autumn would affect the employment potential of their business.

Elsewhere 93.9% have passed on the VAT reduction.

The Irish restaurant industry employs 64,000 people - one in four tourism jobs - and contributes 2 billion euro to the Irish economy each year.

The association said the JLC system makes absolutely no sense for the country trying to work its way out of the depths of an economic crisis.


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