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Roma children taken away by Irish police 'suffering nightmares' after ordeal

By Louise Hogan

The families of two Roma children who were removed from their parents in the Republic amid probes into their identity have told how they woke up distressed and crying in the night.

Iancu Muntean, who lives in Athlone, Co Westmeath, told how both his son Iancu Jnr (2) and the boy's mother, Loredaiva Sava (23), had been having difficulty sleeping after the incident.

And the mother of a seven-year-old girl taken from her Co Dublin home for two nights said she hopes her child will forget the saga over time.

After the little girl was returned to her arms in Tallaght late on Wednesday, the family told how she had woken up crying and calling for her "mama" during her first night home.

The mother said she was reluctant to question the little girl, who cannot be identified, about her time away from her siblings. "I don't want to ask her anything," she said, as she just wanted her to forget the entire thing.

"She is in school now," said the mother, as the family welcomed friends to their house to congratulate them on the outcome. "I feel really tired after this situation – but happy."

Mr Muntean (22) told how both his son and girlfriend from Bucharest, Romania, had been having difficulty sleeping and were still unaware where their son had been taken for the night.

Ms Sava said her son had been "crying" and was scared, and had told her "the garda, she come to take me back" after waking up.

Mr Muntean said he did not believe this would happen to an Irish family and believed it was a type of discrimination against the Roma community.

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