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Roofs torn off as homes are blacked out in Republic of Ireland

More than a quarter-of-a-million homes and businesses in the Republic were hit by power cuts as hurricane force winds swept in from the Atlantic.

Roofs were blown off buildings and dozens of trees flattened cars up and down the country.

In the west a turbo-prop plane was blown off its undercarriage on the taxi stand at Shannon but after several hours of a shutdown the airport reopened as winds abated.

A tornado was reported in Roscommon, with homes and cars damaged by high winds and flying debris from trees and broken fencing.

The Kinsale gas platform off the coast of Cork recorded wind gusting to 110mph while inland hurricane force winds of 108mph were recorded. Shannon and Cork airports closed runways for some time and rail services in the south were disrupted because of debris on lines.

Residents in Kilkenny were advised to stay indoors and also in Limerick where the roof was filmed being blown off the rowing club. In Co Kerry roofs were reportedly blown off buildings including a prefab unit in a school.

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