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RTE suspends 'drink-drive' 2fm host

RTE 2fm presenter Baz Ashmawy has been suspended without pay for a month after being charged with drink-driving.

A statement from the broadcaster branded the incident very serious after the radio host was arrested in Dublin.

RTE said that given the age profile of 2fm's listeners, it could not ignore what had happened.

"We are relieved that the incident in question was a relatively minor one and unlike many more serious car crashes every year where lives are lost, thankfully, no one was injured on this occasion," the broadcaster said.

Ashmawy co-hosts a weekend breakfast show with Lucy Kennedy.

RTE said Ashmawy had apologised over the incident and claimed the presenter would not be contesting any charges that may be brought against him.

"With this in mind, RTE Radio has decided to suspend Mr Ashmawy without pay for a period of one month," the statement said.

"We believe this suspension is warranted to highlight the unacceptable nature of drink-driving and the high-profile nature of Mr Ashmawy's position on 2fm.

"As the events in question took place during personal time while he was not working for RTE and given his full acceptance of responsibility, we hope this suspension and whatever the outcome of any court proceedings will serve to highlight the issues involved and will act as a deterrent to others in the future."


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