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Ryanair blames rogue text message for service gaffe

By John Mulligan

Ryanair has maintained an uncharacteristic silence and declined to say whether it has disciplined staff or changed internal processes after a PR blunder sparked by a botched text message.

The airline backtracked on Thursday as a result of a statement on Monday which indicated its board had approved plans for a new long-haul US service that would start in about five years.

Ryanair insisted its board has not approved any such project and that the airline has no such plans.

The confusion the two contradictory statements was prompted by an interview Ryanair's chief marketing officer Kenny Jacobs did with the Financial Times.

It's thought the newspaper asked Ryanair a follow-up question after the interview, which saw the airline issue a statement detailing its long-haul ambitions.

That caused a flurry of excitement, with the airline saying it was already speaking to jet makers about possible future aircraft.

But a statement from the airline on Thursday scotched Ryanair's own earlier announcement, making for an embarrassing mistake.

Asked yesterday if any disciplinary action is being planned in relation to the mix-up, a spokesman said: "A mistake was made in a text message to the FT, this has been corrected and that is the end of the matter."

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