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Ryanair pilot who joked about running from Muslims in airports and called passengers 'morons' is to keep job

'We don't comment on social media nonsense'

Ryanair pilot Iain Inglis, who called passengers 'morons' and joked about running away from Muslims he saw praying in airports, will keep his job.

Iain Inglis (31) made the disparaging remarks about the budget airline's passengers on Facebook, saying that he could not understand people queuing up to board following the introduction of allocated seating.

“To all Ryanair passengers. You now have a seat assignment. So why of why are you still queuing up like morons!!?? Please locate your brains," he wrote.

The 31-year-old captain also joked to his 700 Facebook friends about running away from a young bearded man he spotted “praying quietly to Mecca and kissing the floor at Stansted".

Ryanair bosses will not be taking action against the pilot however, saying: "We don't comment on social media nonsense, nor do we comment on individuals."

Mr Inglis, originally from Edinburgh, posted a cockpit selfie of himself wearing a tinfoil hat alongside the comments.

He said he had donned his 'radiation gear' after news that 56 minutes at 30,000ft exposed pilots to UV radiation equal to 20 minutes on a sunbed.

The pilot's comments come after Ryanair's chief executive Michael O'Leary vowed the airline would "stop unnecessarily p***ing people off" and treating customers "like the enemy."

Since his comments last year, Ryanair has rolled out a string of initiatives to win over fliers, including allocated seating, new seats with more legroom and improved in-flight meals.

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