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Ryanair will turn away travellers who don't print pass

Ryanair plans to refuse travel to all passengers who forget to print out their boarding passes after the low-cost carrier was banned from charging 40 euro to print the passes.

A spokesman said yesterday that the airline was discontinuing the service and passengers would not be able to pass through security unless they had printed their own passes after checking in online.

The warning was issued after a Spanish court ruled that charging fees for reissuing boarding passes was illegal.

Ryanair said it planned to appeal the "bizarre and unlawful" decision of the Spanish court, which found it was wrong to impose "unfair" fees on passengers who failed to print out their own boarding cards.

Last week, Judge Barbara Maria Cordoba, of the Barcelona commercial court, said airlines, and not passengers, were obliged to issue boarding cards. She took the decision in a case brought by Dan Miro, a lawyer who objected to being charged 40 euro after he failed to print his boarding card before a flight.

"The normal practice over the years has been that the obligation to issue the boarding card has always fallen on the carrier," she ruled. "I declare unfair and therefore void the contractual clause in which Ryanair obliges the passenger to be the one who brings the printed boarding pass to travel or face a penalty of 40 euro."

Ryanair said it will base its appeal on the fact that passengers agree at the time of booking to check in online and print their own boarding cards.

"Should a passenger arrive without their boarding card, then they are not entitled to fly, and there is no obligation on Ryanair to provide them with replacements," an airline statement said.

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