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'Safer 2011' plea to road users

A senior garda has appealed to motorists to take road safety seriously in the new year after 212 people were killed in accidents during 2010.

John Twomey, Assistant Commissioner for Traffic, said that while the death toll has dropped over the last six years, each life lost is sorely regretted.

He said: "I am asking each and every road user to take safety seriously in 2011."

"We all have a responsibility to think about safety every time we use the roads. However, complacency is never an option when it comes to road safety and I want people to bear this in mind throughout 2011," he added.

The numbers of drivers, cyclists and pedestrians killed in accidents has fallen in recent years, from 396 in 2005 to 238 in 2009.

Ten people died on the roads this month, compared with 18 during December 2009.

Most recent fatalities include pregnant Roisin Connolly and her unborn daughter, who was named Catherine, and friends Glen Curtis and Paul Carroll who were killed in a three-car crash earlier this week.

Mr Twomey said road users must continue to focus on driver behaviour in 2011 in order to further reduce the number of families who may suffer loss of a loved one. "The individual decisions of road users all over the country this year to change their behaviour have had a profound impact, resulting in reductions in death and serious injuries on our roads," he said.

"I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who heeded our advice during the recent adverse weather conditions.

"Your actions and undertakings helped keep the roads safer during the tough weather in late November and throughout December."


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