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Sailor praised after child rescue

A champion sailor has been praised after eight children were rescued at sea during an unexpected squall.

A total of 15 youngsters were taking park in a sailing course run by Sligo Yacht Club when the weather turned at about noon.

Michael Spain, vice commodore at the club, said the senior instructor transferred the young teens into two rescue ribs and called the RNLI for back up.

He said instructor Beth Armstrong, a European Mirror ladies' champion, "did everything she should have done".

"She will be getting a clap on the back from all of us later," he added.

Five laser pico boats with three children in each, and two instructors in the rescue ribs, were in Sligo Bay when the incident happened.

Several dinghies overturned after the youngsters got out.

Sligo RNLI said one person was taken from the water and eight others transferred from the ribs and brought ashore.

Willie Murphy, operations manager, said all the children were a bit cold and shaken, but fine after the incident.

Sligo rescue helicopter also attended the scene.


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