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Salesforce announces 1500 jobs for Dublin

Salesforce Tower Dublin, which will be located at the city’s North Quay, has been announced.

Salesforce Tower Dublin will be located at the city’s North Quay (Niall Carson/PA)
Salesforce Tower Dublin will be located at the city’s North Quay (Niall Carson/PA)

Global technology company Salesforce has announced 1,500 jobs are to be created in Dublin.

Salesforce Tower Dublin, which will be located at the city’s North Quay, was announced on Friday, significantly expanding the company’s regional headquarters in Ireland.

Founded in 1999, Salesforce helps companies like Ulster Bank and Brown Thomas to take advantage of technologies like cloud, mobile, social, and artificial intelligence to get closer to their customers.

The announcement was made before Taoiseach Leo Varadkar and nearly 1,000 Salesforce employees at an event in the Convention Centre detailing the new plans.

The Taoiseach welcomed the news and highlighted that Dublin’s north inner-city is one of the most disenfranchised areas of the capital, urging the company to reach out to the local community.

“As you know your new building is located in part of the city where many large international businesses have chosen to locate, however this part of the city is also one of some very stark contrasts,” he said.

“There is enormous wealth here, cheek by jowl with deep deprivation and many people who live in this part of the city in the north-est inner city have experienced deprivation, lack of opportunity and inter-generational poverty.

“As Dublin rises, and this part of the city rises we should all rise together, I want to invite you to be very much part of this community that’s going to be your new home.

“Salesforce is an important part of our technology sector, helping Ireland become the tech capital of Europe and one of the most globalised and open economies in the world. Ireland is open to investment, to capital, to trade, to talent and to creativity.”

As part of the expansion,, the charity arm of Salesforce, has already announced a 1 million US dollar grant to Educate Together, supporting the opening and running of schools in Ireland.

Elizabeth Pinkham, executive vice president, real estate, at Salesforce said that the ongoing housing crisis and lack of affordable accommodation in the capital had been looked at before the announcement was made.

“We’re always looking at issues like that, any issue that impacts our employees, we’re committed to what’s best for our community,” she said.

“Many of our employees do already live in the city, so we will look at that when we do move into the building.

“When you look at the company overall, the fact we’re building this huge hub for innovation there’s a lot of great reasons to come here.”

Salesforce already has over 1,400 employees in Dublin at their premises in Leopardstown and more than 34,000 employees worldwide.

Employees are due to start moving into the new 430,000 sq ft campus in mid-2021.

During the announcement it was noted that it was the Taoiseach’s 40th birthday, and the hall sang Happy Birthday to the Irish leader on stage before the event finished.



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