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Samantha Brick: My Irish father told me I'm beautiful

The Daily Mail columnist who said women hate her because she is so beautiful has written an article explaining why she is so self-confident.

Samantha Brick (41), who wrote a piece for the Daily Mail earlier this month about how her self-perceived beauty has seen her become a victim of jealous women, says that her father Patrick - who is from County Laois - is the man responsible for her high self-esteem.

The article, in which she talked of the difficulties she has endured at the hands of envious women because of her looks, was viewed by over three million people, many of whom were quick to bring the leggy blonde down a peg or two.

News programmes worldwide scrambled to challenge Samantha’s views in what she described as a ‘global witch hunt’.

But today, Samantha said: “Now I’ve had time to reflect, one question, asked by many (mostly female) critics, has occupied my mind: why, unlike so many members of my sex, does my cup runneth over with self-confidence?

“The answer is simple: my beloved father, Patrick Brick. Ever since the day I came into this world, my dad, a retired nurse, has showered me with love and affection."

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