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Savita's final moments remembered

The husband of Savita Halappanavar gripped her hand during the final heartbreaking moments of her life.

Engineer Praveen revealed how the hopeful young couple looking forward to their future together had gone from being "on top of the world" to torn apart within days.

Despite being repeatedly reassured that Savita, 31, would pull through, her condition only deteriorated until he was finally called to her death bed to say his last goodbye.

He said: "In the night, at around one o'clock, the nurse came running, as I was standing outside ICU.

"She just told me to be brave, and she took me near Savita, and she said: 'Will you be OK to be there, living her last minutes? "I said: 'Yes, I want to'. I was holding her hand, they were trying to pump her heart, there was a big team around. The doctor just told me they lost her."

Praveen, 34, who works at Boston Scientific in Galway, came to Ireland from India with Savita four years ago to start a new life together. Dentist Savita had a job in Westport, Co Mayo, and the pair lived in Galway city.

But their world began to fall apart when Savita, suffering with back pain, was forced to seek medical help at University Hospital Galway on the morning of Sunday October 21.

After routine tests the young mother-to-be was told everything was fine and the couple were sent home. But within an hour of returning, Savita was positive something was wrong after using the bathroom.

After similar tests again showed up nothing unusual, Savita asked to be seen by a doctor. Following a more in-depth examination, she was told around noon that there had been a cervical dilation and the medics would not be able to save the baby.

The pair were told it would all be over in four to five hours, and then Savita could go home. But she remained in agony and two days later the young dentist's health began to sharply deteriorate. In the early hours of Sunday October 28, Savita died. Praveen took her body back to India to be cremated and laid to rest.


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