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Scores of jobs lost at gaming plant

Almost 90 jobs are being axed with the closure of a gaming facility in Cork.

Big Fish announced workers at its plant in Mahon have been given 30 days notice.

Paul Thelen, chief executive, said cuts are part of changes in the company globally.

"As the founder of this company, it is painful for me to say good-bye to colleagues who have become our trusted partners, and in so many ways, close friends," he said.

"Letting people go is not an easy decision, and we would not be making it if it weren't absolutely necessary to secure the best possible future for us at Big Fish Games.

"There is never an easy or good way to do this, but we made every effort to be respectful and to do right by those who are departing wherever possible to minimise the impact this will have on their lives."

Founded in 2002, Big Fish became the leading online marketplace for premium casual games.

But Mr Thelen said the pace of change in the industry required investment in the areas where there is growth and to position the company for the future.

"We had to make some very hard choices about these business areas that are not growing or profitable," he added.

Elsewhere staff 49 full-time employees in Seattle are being let go.


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