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Service for plane crash victims

Candles were lit during an ecumenical service in memory of six people killed when a plane crashed in dense fog.

The service was held in Cork to remember and pray for those injured or who lost their lives when the flight from Belfast crashed at Cork airport last month.

Dozens of members of the emergency services, gardai and airport and hospital staff attended the ceremony at the Cathedral of St Mary and St Anne.

Canon Michael Murphy, Cork Airport chaplain, spoke of the distress of relatives having to hear the bad news about their loved ones. "I cannot make sense of tragedies" he said.

Spanish pilot Jordi Gola Lopez, 31; co-pilot Andrew Cantle, 27, from Sunderland; Brendan McAleese, 39, from Co Tyrone; Pat Cullinan, 45, a partner in leading accountancy firm KPMG in Belfast; Captain Michael Evans, 51, deputy harbour master in Belfast; and Richard Noble, a 49-year-old businessman who was originally from Yorkshire but lived in Northern Ireland, were killed in the tragedy.

Family members of the victims attended the service.

A preliminary report into the February 10 air disaster, released last week, found no mechanical faults have yet been identified on the aircraft or on the runway.

Ireland's Air Accident Investigation Unit (AAIU) revealed a warning had sounded during the last seven seconds of the cockpit voice recorder, which is believed to be the stall warning horn, and that the pilots had tried to abort their third and fatal landing attempt.

Data showed the plane had deviated to the right and rolled significantly to the left before there was a rapid roll to the right.

The right wing-tip hit the runway and the plane overturned before it slid to a standstill and caught fire.


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