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Sex storm Irish rugby duo 'to keep a low profile'

THE two Irish rugby players at the centre of a reported threesome have been ordered to keep a low profile as they prepare for the kick-off of the new season.

The internationals will soon be back in the public spotlight with the start of the new season – and have been ordered not to draw attention to themselves.

Despite the warning, one of the stars involved in the alleged sexual encounter was seen enjoying a day out at the races.

This is not the first occasion that the player has come to the attention of the IRFU for his behaviour off the pitch.

But insiders said that that the second player at the centre of the late-night fling is considered "a quiet, shy sort of guy".

This second sporting star is staying at a private villa in the south of Spain, in a bid to escape coverage of the controversy.

The players were both out of the country when news of their sexual encounter with a 24-year-old business graduate broke.

The reported threesome happened after the two men bumped into the woman, from Co Wicklow, while out on the town.

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