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Shock as couple engage in 'sex act' on busy Dublin street in broad daylight

A video has emerged showing two people performing a sex act on a busy Dublin street.

The footage appears to show a man and a woman moving suggestively on the doorstep of a building on Aungier Street in broad daylight.

Groups of shocked pedestrians, including a child, walked past the pair while the alleged sex act took place.

Another group passing the couple appeared to be tourists.

The couple seemed to be oblivious to the passers-by.

One of the people involved appeared to be in state of undress as the two lay on the ground.

We have blurred the still images taken from a video recording of the incident which occurred at approximately 6.45pm this evening.

Dublin Lord Mayor Christy Burke said he found such behaviour "abhorrent".

“First of all, this [behaviour] is appalling and disgusting. I find it abhorrent that someone would do such a thing in this city,” he said.

“Hopefully it’s an isolated incident because, thankfully, it’s not something I hear about everyday.”

“I find this kind of behaviour, just as I would an attack or a mugging, totally unacceptable.”

A Garda spokesperson said that they had yet to receive any complaints “in relation to an incident on Aungier Street on Monday evening”.

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