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Shoppers spooked by supermarket 'ghost'

Shoppers thought that things were a Lidl weird - when they saw their trolleys whizzing off on their own in a shop.

The scared punters thought the store in Gort, Galway, was haunted when trolleys laden with their wares seemed to roll away of their own accord, sparking fears of a ghostly store spectre.

"You could be getting something off a shelf and when you turned around your trolley was gone down the aisle," said one spooked shopper. But the problem was more of an earthly nature.

The Gort Ghost was just a sinking floor which caused the trolleys to appear possessed. The store is now closed while the problem is fixed.

A spokesman for the chain said: "Lidl would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused whilst the renovations are taking place and invite its customers to continue to enjoy their Lidl shopping experience in nearby stores located at Lidl Ennis, Gort Road, Co. Clare and Lidl Oranmore, Limerick Road, Oranmore, Co. Galway."

"The store will reopen on Thursday 28th June at 08.00. There will be a 4 day festival to celebrate the reopening from Thursday 28th June until Sunday 1st July with a host of special offers, fun family activities and prizes to be won in store," he said.

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