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Singer Sinead O'Connor settles £138k bill over unpaid taxes

By Ed Carty

Singer Sinead O'Connor has made a settlement with tax inspectors in Ireland.

The award-winning artist, who has a home in Bray, Co Wicklow, was named as having paid out €160,304 (£138,226) for the under-declaration of PAYE and PRSI following an audit.

The Revenue Commissioners calculated tax of €90,543 (£78,071), interest of €42,599 (£36,732) and penalties of €27,162 (£23,423) to be paid by the top-selling musician.

O'Connor's name was one of dozens which appeared in the Defaulters' List, published every three months by the Irish Government with details of major tax settlements.

From April to June this year 101 people and businesses had their cases finalised with the tax inspectors taking in a total of €17.44m (£15.03m).

Among the largest published involved James Farrell, who was listed as a retired company director from Oldcastle Road, Kells, Co Meath. He settled with the tax inspectors for €1.4m (£1.2m) for the non-declaration of capital gains tax and VAT.

A plane painting and glazing company, IAC Graphics, based at Dublin Airport, had a bill for €1.1m (£948,000) for the under-declaration of VAT, PAYE/PRSI and corporation tax.

Kevin Cronin, a plastic surgeon, of Eccles Street, Dublin, settled a case for €534,252 (£460,586) for the under-declaration of income tax.

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