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Sinn Fein man hits out at claims of bullying within party

A senior Sinn Fein politician has lashed out at former members who he accused of intentionally trying to portray the party as being "autocratic and bullying".

In a bizarre online rant, Dublin's Lord Mayor Micheal MacDonncha accused members involved in recent disputes of trying to establish a "conspiratorial pattern" that has been seized upon by the party's "sworn enemies".

The councillor said Sinn Fein are "overwhelmingly sound people" and that the party, "for all our faults", is on the "right road".

While admitting the party needs to improve its structures of dealing with disputes, the Lord Mayor rounded on some of those who have gone public with their claims of a bullying culture.

Mr MacDonncha wrote on his Facebook page: "Some people in disputes have gone public and others, estranged from the party for various reasons, or simply hostile, have taken these up, regardless of the facts of what are diverse issues and cases, and tried to establish a conspiratorial pattern, using this to characterise Sinn Fein as autocratic and bullying."

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