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Sinn Fein urges end to loans agency

Sinn Fein has called for a commission to dismantle the State's toxic loans agency.

At the party's annual think-in, Dail leader Caoimhghin O Caolain said the National Asset Management Agency (Nama) should be wound up.

A commission could examine the most responsible and economically safe way of doing this, he told delegates at the pre-Dail gathering.

Mr O Caolain also claimed people were becoming more politicised over the economic crisis and would no longer accept multibillion-euro cutbacks on public services.

"The current Government has bred disgust and disillusionment with politics," he said.

"They are hoping people have their heads down and will accept the forthcoming savage budget with little protest."

Accusing the Government of an appalling mishandling of the banking crisis, Mr O Caolain warned another much-feared slash-and-burn Budget would not help the economy.

He said a focus on creating jobs and not cutting public spending was the key to the country's recovery.

"In education Government cuts mean dilapidated schools, larger classes and neglect of special needs," he said.

"In health the cuts mean longer waiting lists, cancelled operations, more people on trolleys and chairs in A&E, hospital services closed down."


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