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Sister and niece's defamation case to continue

Susan Stein

A niece and a sister of Dana Rosemary Scallon are to continue their civil legal action against her in Dublin's High Court after a payout by Irish broadcaster TV3, it has emerged.

John Brown, Dana's brother, was yesterday cleared by a jury in England on five allegations of child sexual abuse. Mr Brown welcomed the jury's verdict and said he now wished to move on with his life.

However his sister, former presidential candidate Mrs Scallon, is being pursued in a defamation case being taken by her niece Susan Gorrell and her sister Susan Stein.

Last night their lawyer Paul Tweed confirmed that Mrs Stein and her daughter Mrs Gorrell received "substantial" damages from TV3 on June 30.

Proceedings had been issued against TV3 and Dana after an interview the former Eurovision singer gave to the station in the wake of claims made in a civil case in Iowa in the US in 2008, in which Mrs Gorrell claimed she had been abused by Mr Brown.

The October 2011 interview was broadcast at the height of the Irish presidential campaign.

When TV3 settled the case four weeks ago, the following statement was read out in the High Court: "On 14 October, 2011, TV3 published an interview that suggested Susan Stein and Susan Gorrell had made unfounded allegations about a member of their family.

"TV3 apologises to Susan Stein and Susan Gorrell for any offence and distress caused by this interview."

Mr Tweed said the defamation action against Dana "will continue".

Dana said she could not comment on the outcome of her brother's trial yesterday because of the ongoing libel proceedings, but was in tears when the verdict was given and hugged him.

The jury criminal trial at Harrow Crown Court was not told that TV3 had apologised to Ms Stein and Ms Gorell.

The defence had argued that the criminal allegations made to the Metropolitan Police were filed to back up the ongoing libel action.

Ms Scallon first achieved fame after winning the Eurovision Song Contest in 1970 with All Kinds Of Everything.

Born in London to a family from Londonderry, she went into politics in 1997, served as an MEP for Connacht-Ulster and twice stood as an independent candidate at presidential elections in the Republic.

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