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Son denies murder of dad with spade at family home

A 23-year-old man has pleaded not guilty to murdering his father with a spade at the family home.

James McInerney, of Lacey Avenue in Templemore, Co Tipperary, has gone on trial accused of murdering James 'Jimmy' McInerney Snr (56) on June 17, 2009.

Patrick Gageby, prosecuting, opened the case at the Central Criminal Court yesterday by telling the jury of seven men and five women that there was an certain amount of family history that would come to the fore during the trial.

He said the dead man was prone to being quarrelsome and difficult, especially with alcohol consumed.

The court heard that Mr McInerney Snr had slept in a caravan in the backyard and was not allowed into the house when he had drink taken.

He had spent the day he died with his son, the accused.

They had been looking at horses and had had a couple of beers together in the victim's caravan.

The caravan was sold that day in a deal involving a horse and delivered elsewhere. It is claimed Mr McInerney Snr had a lot to drink and came home in an angry mood just before 10pm.

He broke a bottle in the backyard and also broke the windows of his son's van.

A fight broke out and the accused allegedly beat his father to death with a spade in the back garden, the court heard. He was dead by the time the emergency services arrived.

Mr Gageby said the victim had severe head and facial wounds, blunt-force trauma to the trunk, a crush injury to his liver and cracked ribs. Some injuries to his head could have been inflicted while he was on the ground, it was claimed.

The accused was arrested that evening and mentioned both self-defence and payback time.

The court heard that there was some hitting on the ground, but that Mr McInerney Jnr didn't mean to kill his father, just give him a beating.

Mr Gageby said the issues at the heart of the case may be lawful or excessive self-defence and provocation.

The jury was then shown a photograph of the victim's body, along with photos of the spade and a wheel brace found at the scene.

The trial, before Mr Justice John Edwards, is expected to last six days.

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